About Me

Greetings, my name is Ann Cortez, and I am an enthusiast in low-risk online betting systems. I can say I am a professional gambler and I play at casinos for a living. It wasn’t long before I quit my day job to pursue the dream of betting for a living. Already generating profits that exceeded my day job, it was the natural choice to make.

I haven’t always been a professional gambler. In fact, I come from the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Currently, I spend my days in the markets and updating the blog. One of the biggest frustrations for me on my journey to success was a lack of knowledge and other traders to talk to about the markets, or sometimes even finding someone who could relate. With my Blog, Facebook and Twitter it shouldn’t be the case anymore, particularly for those starting out.

I hope you enjoy the site and its content. OBWA is full of useful hints along the way, so be sure to make the most of them for a quick start.

I’ve no doubt they can aid you in replicating what I have already achieved. Learn from my mistakes and your financial success is always going to be faster and more comfortable than mine was!

I wish you every success!!